¿Numerus clausus de autorizaciones/licencias de juego?
Esta es la pregunta de nuestra última ENCUESTA.

¿Es necesario limitar el número de autorizaciones/licencias de juego para preservar la planificación sectorial?. ¿Es más conveniente dejar abierta esta posibilidad para fomentar la libertad de mercado?. Numerus clausus en el sector del juego. ¿Sí o no?. Esa es la pregunta de nuestra ENCUESTA.

Queremos saber su opinión. Así es que vote. Se lo agradeceremos.


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#1 NaVoCbOb (27/02/2017)

The only results I’ve ever seen from those products is water retention and puffiness, which some folks see as muscle gains. I can only speak from my experience though YMMV. : )To me, aminos is the last thing i would suspect Freelea of being on… if I had to guess anything, it would be diuretics. i’ve met her, and i really don’t think she takes any supplements. Lots of women can build a body like that with proper diet and exercise… i know dozens.

#2 fnkJmqgywgMJ (27/02/2017)

kita tak payahlah berdebat dgn pengampu2 umnoapco ni,buang masa je,diorang ni bercakap bukan guna otak,guna kepala lutut,bahalol,dah takda point nk bercakap,aku rasa diorang ni bercakap dgn anak aku yg baru masuk tadika baru sesuai,mcm ni permikiran orang umno apco,bangang hahaaaaa...

#3 w2NiSHwN (27/02/2017)

Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

#4 hrW1vNbmv (27/02/2017)

Oct 24 Thank you for this. My thoughts exactly! The thought of Romney in office is scary to me mostly because of his flip-flopping. As far as I can tell, he’s a loose cannon controlled by everyone but himself.Gigi recently posted..

#5 AtE2IHbCkp (26/02/2017)

Sounds like the same kind of first day as we had back in 2010. Long day on blue ice with not a lot of distance to show for the effort. But it will get better!

#6 8tA3qlivtz (26/02/2017)

My family and I would like to thank you for this particular helpful content. You can’t envision how long it required me to discover your website and this practical information and facts. You can depend on me, as on your continuous internet site visitor, and i furthermore bookmerked your web page. Looking forward to find out more content like this. Have an excellent day.

#7 adnAK8adRuY (26/02/2017)

Your Hooligan #2 actually eats a greater variety than my Drama Girl and she’s 11! Some kids are just major “overtasters” – if you know the term. I’m subscribing just to see if you can coax him to try more things. Love your blog!

#8 c1H4YBkZI2 (26/02/2017)

Je suis d’accord avec inge_en_rfa, je suis moi même ingénieure diplômée d’une grande école, salariée d’une entreprise du CAC 40, et avec 10 ans d’ancienneté mon salaire brut annuel n’atteint pas encore les 40keuros annoncés pour un débutant. Ingénieur en France, ça ne paie plus, et surtout les postes sont de plus en plus délocalisés à l’étranger.

#9 ZYi79ZEOFJ (26/02/2017)

Flotte bilder - minner om sol og sommer! Likte spesielt godt vinkelen på det første. Det var så fint med de vannrette tauene. Som sikkert har navn...

#10 tr5xgBqfy (26/02/2017)

I know this isn’t Harley. Harley, Super Dave hates me cause I did his old lady years ago, when I was drunk…had I seen her in the light, oh boy…uh never would have happened.

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